The Battery, St. John’s

The Battery is a small neighbourhood within the city of St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. The Battery sits on the entrance to the harbour located on the slopes of Signal Hill. Sometimes described as an outport within the city of St. John’s. The area is noted for its steep slopes, colourful houses, and its importance as a battery for the defence of St. John’s Harbour in both World Wars. The Battery is home to Chain Rock, a land outcropping to which a large chain and anti-submarine boom were attached connecting to Fort Amherst in order to prevent the entry of German U-boats into the harbour during World War II. Chain Rock is one of two rocks located on opposite sides of the Narrows, Chain Rock on the battery side and Pancake Rock on the opposite. The space between the two rocks is 174 metres. Chain Rock and Pancake Rock were used as early as 1770. A defensive chain was stretched between both rocks by means of a capstan at nightfall to prevent illegal entry of enemy ships. During World War I the chain was replaced with anti-submarine nets. Another historic property in the area is Anderson House located at 42 Powers Court in the Battery as it is believed to be the oldest structure in the city of St. John’s.
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