Waterford Valley, St. John’s

Waterford Valley is a neighbourhood in the west end of St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Waterford Valley is an affluent area which encompasses the areas from Topsail Road in the north to the Southside Hills at the south, stretching west from the end of Water Street in downtown to the city’s border with Mount Pearl. Former Premier Brian Tobin made his home in this district during his public tenure in Newfoundland. This area is home to the Waterford Bridge Road area, a street including primarily luxury and historic homes, as well as many new condo developments.

This area is minutes from the downtown core and is now home to The Tower Corporate Campus and the corporate offices of many oil and gas companies on the Southside Road area of the neighbourhood.

There are well-established senior’s homes in the area and the corporate offices of the Eastern Health Authority are also within the district. Bowring Park, a large green park, is located on Waterford Bridge Road.

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